Family time is precious. Even more so if you have a family that enjoys being on the water (or in it). With 2022’s Easter Holidays having been and (in some cases) just about finishing it’s a time where families have gotten together to unwind and indulge in some outdoor recreational activity. Stand up paddle boarding remains one of those activities that everyone can take part in – young or old. There have been plenty of paddlers flocking to waterways at this time with Momma Nature having played ball. And long may this continue!

Hard SUP boards – perfect for family paddles.

There’s a perception that stand up paddle boards, fit for family SUP fun, have to the inflatable type. Not true. Whilst iSUPs have their place hard shell stand up paddle boards are just as worthy a choice for recreational family paddling time as air boards.

Kids love a jumping platform. Which a SUP is perfect for. If they happen to be interested in actually paddling then a hard SUP will give a more efficient understanding of how a craft acts and reacts in/on the water. And when mum or dad decides to go for a sesh the engagement levels of a board like the Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co.’s Classic 9’11 are far higher than with an iSUP.

We’re not dissing inflatables here – far from it. Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co. has its own range of iSUPs. And they’re great. The above comments merely highlight the performance gains – even in recreational mode – you get with a hard SUP. Therefore they shouldn’t be bypassed as too high performance a product.

Pre-iSUP revolutions.

Back in the day, before the inflatable SUP revelation took hold, hard boards were (mostly) what was available. And they did the ‘family fun’ thing well back then and they’ll do it now. All while delivering a higher performance injection than with an iSUP. But that’s easy performance to tap into. No elitist mentalities here!

Hard shell stand up paddle boards are often thought of as too easily damaged. There’s no question you have to be a little more careful when carting about on land. Chucking them around beaches with rocks and stones is a no no. But once afloat they’re pretty resilient and will take all that clambering off and on, jumping up and down, and abuse without issue.

All smiles for some family SUP action.

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co.’s Classic is robust and durable. So you can be confident when your offspring decide to play atop your SUP pride and joy that it won’t end up in the ding repair shop. What was once the case pre-iSUP revolutions still stands today (no pun intended!).

The Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co Classic 9’11 for families.

We talk at length about the Classic’s prowess in wave environments. And whilst that’s certainly the case you may miss the board’s ability to be a recreational paddling tool. Of course, there are more stable Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co SUPs available (the 10’6 Classic for instance). But we know for a fact there’s plenty of stability and therefore inbuilt flat water fun to be had on the 9’11. Even for heavier paddlers. We get told as much pretty regularly.

And what of the transport/storage angle?

It’s certainly a little bit different living with a hard shell stand up paddle board. But that’s not to say it’s a big hindrance. Far from it. Owning a hard SUP means riders adapt and change their thinking. Putting a board on the roof of your car for transport isn’t so big a deal. And stowing it at home isn’t as tricky as you’d initially think with a bit of prior thought.

Let’s be honest as well. There are countless examples of paddlers buying inflatables for the supposed storage and transport benefits. Yet when all said and done these iSUPs are left inflated for weeks on end. End up being lashed to car and van roofs and even at home get propped against rigid surfaces still full of air.

Shouts of excitement – why not!

Again, we’re not dissing on anyone or their SUP gear. We’re simply pointing out a few things where a hard stand up paddle board may be a more worthy investment. Even if family paddling time is the only thing on your mind.

Easter Holidays 2022 (and beyond).

Easter signals the official kick off for summer ’22. And as it goes the weather’s been playing ball. Whilst some are now back at school and work there’s been plenty of smiling faces at beaches, rivers and lakes around the UK.

Owning a Classic 9’11 (or 10’6) has only heightened this enjoyment. This isn’t the hard sell you may think. We’re simply stating facts born of much experience riding, paddling and using plenty of watersports equipment (not just stand up paddle boarding gear). Hard SUPs simply do the job better, feel better and deliver a more fulfilling experience in the long run. And the paddling enjoyment will no doubt continue.

If an inflatable board is still your number one choice then great! It’s all good. As much as we’re big advocates of hard SUP board performance we’re just stoked to see riders out enjoying the outdoors. Having fun in a natural environment is what it’s all about. And however you achieve that is down to your own wants and needs.

For anyone perusing Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co.’s website and webshop though we’d urge you not to discount the Classic range of boards. You may be pleasantly surprised by all the benefits a hard board brings. For family paddlers, surf rippers and recreational SUPers the Classic 9’11 offers more than you’d first imagine.

Check out the full range of Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co Classic hard stand up paddles boards and iSUPs in the webshop. Any questions about these or other Freshwater products give us a yell.

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