Hardboard SUPs

Each Solid Paddleboard design is available in 2 sizes; 9’11 and 10’6. The 9’11 is slightly more manoeuverable and responsive for lighter and or more experienced riders, whereas the 10’6 is more stable and planted for heavier and or less experienced riders.

Hardboard SUP Bundle

Solid paddle board, board bag and Carbon Fibre paddle all together

Inflatable Paddleboards

Our inflatable SUPs (iSUPS) are available in 2 sizes; 10’6 and 11’5. The 10’6 is stable enough for any new rider to get on the water, but manoeuvrable enough to keep experienced riders happy too. The 11’5 is a high-end compact tourer, the perfect combination of glide, stability and manoeuvrability.