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Freshwater Bay is defined by the surf. For those of us that live here, our connection to the waves is both real and essential.

At Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co, we deeply respect that connection and mirror its value to us in the unwavering quality of each and every board we make. 

Sure, there are cheaper boards on the market, some of which are even ‘good enough’. But, when ‘good enough’ isn’t ‘good enough’ for you, there will always be Freshwater Bay Paddleboards.

The Classic SUP range

Designed for both the serenity of flatwater paddling and the thrill of the surf.

Each Classic SUP design is available in 2 sizes; 9”11 and 10’6. The 9’11 is slightly more maneuverable and responsive for lighter and or more experienced riders, whereas the 10’6 is more stable and planted for heavier and or less experienced riders.

Inflatable SUPs

The perfect balance between performance and practicality; everyday SUP’ing without the hassle!

Our iSUPs are available in 2 sizes; 10’6 and 11’5. The 10’6 is stable enough for any new rider to get on the water, but manoeuvrable enough to keep experienced riders happy too. The 11’5 is a high-end compact tourer, the perfect combination of glide, stability and manoeuvrability.

What makes Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co Boards so great?

The best boards start with a great shape. Once you have the right shape, you need the right materials.  We’ve spent a lot of time testing and refining our construction processes for both our Classic and Inflatable boards to get the best combination of weight and strength.

Each of our Freshwater Bay Hard SUPs comprise our standard high density 20KG/M3 EPS foam core with wood laminate fibreglass sandwich construction – even on the painted boards where you can’t see the wood.  They also feature Carbon Fibre in the standing area, and Kevlar wrapped rails, nose and tail for extra protection. 

Similarly, our iSUPs are constructed using Double Layer Fusion Drop-Stitch, with a massive 15,000 threads per m2, delivering a hard wearing, rigid board, with a maximum inflation rating of 30 PSI (recommended operating pressure 15-18 PSI)

And, both ranges come with a GoPro mount as standard so you can share those beautiful moments on the water.

Don’t take our word for it…

‘If Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co’s Classic 9’11ft is anything to go by then the brand has a bright future.

An admirable ethos, top drawer product – with well thought out attention to detail – warrants success.

A board with two faces, the Classic 9’11ft is an adept performer in surf for those who desire while flat water sweepers will find an enjoyable machine for cruising all waters.’

– Stand Up Paddle Board Mag UK.

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Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co Photo Gallery

We love seeing our SUPs 'out and about' in their natural habitat, flying the flag for Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co!

Email us photos of your favourite SUP adventures and we'll post the best ones here.

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