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High Quality Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards from a UK brand
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 Our premium, high quality inflatable stand up paddleboards (iSUPs) perfectly balance performance and practicality.

Everything you need to get paddling in one stylish, wheeled bag; quality that lasts – for years and years of hassle free fun on the water.

Inflatable Paddle Board Range

Our inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPS) are available in 2 sizes; 10’6 and 11’5. The 10’6 is stable enough for any new rider to get on the water, but manoeuvrable enough to keep experienced riders happy too. The 11’5 is a high-end compact tourer, the perfect combination of glide, stability and manoeuvrability.

SUP surfing a hard board vs an inflatable - the main differences.

Everything you need for happy paddling!

Each inflatable SUP comes complete with everything you need to get paddling:

  1. Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co. wheeled backpack;
  2. The inflatable paddle board of your choice;
  3. Quality centre fin;
  4. Fibreglass 3 piece adjustable paddle;
  5. Premium quality pump; and
  6. Coiled leash


Unboxing your inflatable paddle board

How to get started…..

Download PDF Instructions for your Inflatable SUP

Easy to follow instructions for your Inflatable SUP

Superior Design

There are a few different methods of inflatable paddleboard construction, with each method having implications on strength, flex, weight and cost. Not ALL board are created equal!

Thread count per m2

Maximum Pressure - PSI

Days of testing

Max rider weight - kg

What makes our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards so great?

1. Construction Type

Double Layer Fusion Drop-Stitch, with a massive 15,000 threads per m2, delivers a hard wearing, rigid board, with a maximum inflation rating of 30 PSI (recommended operating pressure 15-18 PSI).

2. Deck Pad

The 5mm EVA Diamond Groove deck pad is fitted with a pre-installed handle and any cargo net attachments. It is then bonded to the board under 180PSI of pressure. This ensures the deckpad won’t come un-stuck and start lifting or bubbling.

3. Fin

Removable US Centre fin with fixed flexi side fins.

4. Attachments

D-Ring with RAM Mount on Nose/ Forward Cargo Net with Stainless Steel rings/ Centre Carry Handle/ Aft Carry Handle with D-Ring for leash attachment/ High-Pressure H3 Valve.

5. Testing, testing, testing

At every stage of the build process, the boards are tested to ensure the highest quality standards. Each board is inflation tested for a minimum of 9 days to ensure that they are completely air-tight.

Don’t take our word for it…

‘Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co, considering they’re a new brand on the block, continue to deliver high quality products that won’t break the bank.

Their new iVenture 11’5ft touring iSUP is robust, versatile and would fit the wants and needs of all manner of paddlers.

Recreational sweepers, full on touring addicts and even frolicking surf funsters are catered for with the iVenture.’

– Stand Up Paddle Board Mag UK