Solid SUP Manufacturing

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co’s range of solid SUPs take design cues from the classic age of surfing.   Blended with carbon fibre and real wood veneers, our SUPs have both strength and style. Our Freshwater Bay 12 month SUP manufacturing guarantee gives you quality you can rely on.

Manufactured in our state of the art production facility, our solid Stand Up Paddleboards are the product of continuous development and attention to detail.  Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co manufacture the highest quality SUPs, without compromise!

It takes around 30 days to manufacture each of our Freshwater Bay Paddleboards.  We give each step of the process the necessary time to cure, to achieve a high quality finish.  From machine CNC shaping and hand finishing, to laminating and painting, each process is done to our strict quality requirement.

Our standard construction uses an 18KG/m3 EPS foam core, laminated with multiple layers of 6Oz glass. Reinforced with carbon fibre in the standing area and additional glass on the rails, this gives the optimum balance of weight and strength.  Our wood veneer and bamboo boards also benefit from the additional strength that these materials provide.


Inflatable SUP Manufacturing

Strong. Rigid. Light.

At Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co, we value quality over anything else. We aim to create the best inflatable SUP boards on the market, rather than the cheapest.  Although focussed on being as pocket-friendly as possible, we’ll never put cost ahead of quality.  Instead we focus on producing inflatable SUP boards with the best shapes, materials and construction techniques in the industry. When you paddle a Freshwater Bay Paddleboard, you can be assured that you’re on the best SUP boards available.

Our 2017 inflatable SUP (iSUP) boards are manufactured to our design and specification in the Worlds leading premium iSUP factory. We’re able to draw on knowledge gained from developing some of the industries best construction techniques, and merge them with our design ability to create some of the best iSUPs on the market.  As a small UK SUP company, we’re proud that our boards are made alongside some of biggest names in the SUP industry. However, unlike some of the Major SUP brands, the care and attention we put into developing our boards, means that you’re riding a board designed with love and passion rather than a focus on the bottom-line.