A Surfers first steps into Paddleboarding

The story of a gradual warming to Stand Up Paddle Boarding and a beginners thoughts on sharing waves in these increasingly crowded times.

I wasn’t exactly trying very hard to hide it, but I also wasn’t wanting to shout about it too much either, seeing as i’ve had some banter with, and given some of the local SUP riders a bit of stick over the years. But recently my secret affair with stand up paddle boarding has been outed and I thought that I might as well openly declare my love now, seeing as it’s got to the stage that tourists are requesting I pose for photos with them and my board.  🙂

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fan Club

When I was first asked to do a blog by Charlie at the Freshwater Bay Paddleboard company (who I met whilst I was shooting some press images of Storm Imogen at Freshwater Bay, he introduced himself by saying ‘I know you hate SUPs but I’ve started freshwater bay paddleboard company) I thought I was going to be writing about how i’ve got into Stand Up Paddle Boarding for those long flat summer spells we get every year on the south coast.  And I imagined I would illustrate it with photos from my exploration of the island’s beautiful coastline as seen from a new perspective.

To read the full article, click the link below:

A Secret Affair with Stand Up Paddleboarding

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